Joke christmas crackers

joke christmas crackers

The best of the worst Christmas cracker jokes. In no particular order they're pretty much all awful from various sources on the internet How do hedgehogs. After UKTV reveal the funniest cracker jokes, Sunday People reveal the rib- ticklers that you hate to love. Here's a round-up of the sort of jokes you'll need to fake hysterical laughter at when they fall out of everyone's crackers on Christmas Day. Piers Casino games zaventem Piers Morgan slams Love Island's 'cretinous' contestants in hilarious impression The Good Morning Britain presenter launched a damning tirade on the dating. Nothing like body dysmorphia in front of lots of food. Because he had a low "elf" esteem! Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. What does Father Christmas do when his elves misbehave? What is the definition of an American Bra?


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Two snowmen were standing in a field. So he can 'ho ho ho'! Share On googleplus Share On googleplus. Who is Santa's favorite singer? Santa went to the Doctors with a problem. Knock, knock Who's there? Santa looks great with his head sticking out of a book, too!

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Why did the turkey join the band? Explore Activity Village Holidays Christmas Christmas Jokes. Nothing, they're both a little orange. Millionaires at Christmas - how would you celebrate a lottery win? What's the most Christmassy film of all time?



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